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Garick LLC Demonstrates Commitment to Waste Product Reuse by Focusing Efforts on Composting

May 26

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Cleveland, Oh. - Garick LLC, a leading manufacturer and distributor of organic lawn and garden products and a subsidiary of Waste Management (NYSE:WM), is focusing its efforts on organic growth. Garick is one of the nation’s leading processors and distributors of converted organic waste such as compost, soil and mulch products. Garick and Waste Management are committed to developing and offering byproducts with beneficial reuse purposes and renewable energy resources while making these products accessible to consumers.

Composting is a proven organics processing technology and is often the most immediately available beneficial use opportunity for food waste and other organic materials. Since composting infrastructure in the United States is fragmented, Waste Management and Garick have made a commitment to developing new composting operations throughout the country. 

“Peat that is harvested from bogs in Canada and trucked thousands of miles to the United States offers no tangible benefit and typically ends up being very expensive,” said Tony Ferrante, Garick’s senior VP of sales and marketing. “We’ve always been committed to finding the best use for waste products and believe that compost is a renewable and viable alternative to peat. We’re now even working with large supermarket chains that are aggressively looking for opportunities to compost their food waste - and we can provide those opportunities on a larger scale.”

The benefits of compost are abundant. Compost simply reuses organic products that are no longer needed or no longer suited for human consumption. Compost is also proven to improve soil structure and porosity by creating a better plant root environment. Additionally, it reduces moisture loss by promoting moisture retention and aids the proliferation of soil microbes. Compost has a variety of end uses including gardening, potting soil, mulch, rooftop gardens, erosion control and bioremediation.

“When thinking about product reuse and recycling, compost really offers the perfect solution,” said Ferrante. “It’s the ideal way to close the loop and make sure that waste is reduced and reused appropriately.”

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