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Garick LLC Collaborates with City of Reading, KS to aid in Tornado Relief

Jul 11

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7/11/2012 10:10 AM  RssIcon

Garick LLC has decided to join with the city of Reading, KS to aid in Tornado Relief. Reading, KS has been experiencing some severe storms which in turn are creating an abundant of tree wastes and other debris. Therefore, Garick has made the decision to help Reading clean-up the wreckage and turn it into something much more useful than just landfill waste. Since we are always thinking of new ways to help the environment and to improve the community, we managed to turn the wood debris into biofuel, mulch, and compost.

The biofuel was supplied to Frito-Lay, one of our key customers in that region. The mulch was made available for pick up at one of our facilities to the residents of Reading for free! Hopefully, they will be using it to restore their beautiful gardens and lawns. We composted the wood debris and used the finished product in city garden projects and also sold through multiple channels.

Being that we are the leading manufacturer and distributor of sustainable natural resource, we were able to use our expertise and aid in this event. “We are fully committed to helping communities find better use for waste,” says Garick’s Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing Tony Ferrante. “It has always been a core part of what we do. We are honored to have the opportunity to partner with the city of Reading so that a large majority of green waste can be used efficiently and to the benefit of the consumer and our earth.”


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