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Start Your Own Green Roof with Rooflite

Jul 16

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Green roofs are gaining attention again in a recent project in Nashville, TN. The city has decided to build a green roof on top of the Nashville Music City Center and has collaborated with rooflite, the #1 certified green roof media in North America! rooflite®  is the perfect material to build a green roof because of its light weight attributes. Garick is also an authorized distributor of rooflite®  in many different states.

Rooflite® has a variety of growing media and choosing the correct one will be important to achieving the certain green roof you desire! Some of the popular products rooflite carries are rooflite extensive mcl, rooflite intensive, and rooflite semi-intensive.

Rooflite® extensive mcl is ideal for the placement of vegetation blankets or pre-vegetated mats. The typical systems are a combination of a synthetic drainage layer with a high performance media layer. Target Arena Center is one of the city projects that used this amazing product. This green roof helped with the heat island effect and stormwater drainage in the city.

Rooflite® intensive is designed to grow ground covers, ornamental grasses, shrubs, and trees. It is ideal to use it for a rooftop gardens and patios because it could support shrubs and trees. This growing media usually needs more than 1 foot space to grow. Rooflite® 
intensive ag. is another mix similar to this product, but is best use for green roof farming.  

Rooflite® semi-intensive is great for simple green roofs. It only needs about 6-8 inches deep to grow and is best for growing perennials, grasses, small shrubs and evergreens. The saturated weight is about 35-50 pounds per square foot. Bronx County Courthouse was another green roof project that took place and has benefits of reducing air pollution.

Green roof is certainly the trend towards being more sustainable and doing it in an attractive way! If a green roof or rooftop garden is something you want to accomplish, then let Garick help you. For more information about this check out our rooflite product page and rooflite!


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