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Can Hydrorock Hydroponic be a Better Growing Solution for You?

Jul 24

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7/24/2012 2:07 PM  RssIcon

What is Hydrorock and how can you use it? Hydrorock is an organic clay pebble that can be used with soil or alone for planting. It is a clay pebble that does not decompose, is reusable, retains up to 35% of its weight in water, permeable to allow air circulation, help regulates temperature and pH levels. There is so much benefits that is compressed into each and every clay pebble. Some use Hydrorock to prevent soil compaction and it helps retain water in their planting. Others use it as a hydroponic planting system, which is without soil.

Hydrorock Hydroponic is when no soil is used in planting. Yes, no soil is used at all and your plants would still grow beautifully. This may be the right system for you if you like to planting all year long and have little space to grow a garden.  So instead of using soil as your growing medium, you may use Hydrorock instead.

The benefit of that would be that Hydrorock retains water and slowly releases it throughout the day.  As long as your clay pebbles are damp to the touch your plants are getting the sufficient water it needs. It also has great air circulation due to the porous clay and giving your plant the oxygen it needs. Some gardeners like to add minerals to their water to enhance the plant growth. It is also a better medium to use inside the house because of it's lighter weight characteristics makes it ideal for hanging plants and maneuvering bigger plants. 

Once you try Hydrorock hydroponic you may like it better than your old planting system! 


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