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News on Peat Moss

Jul 26

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7/26/2012 3:56 PM  RssIcon

Did you know that peat moss has been an ingredient in our soil for a long time? You may not see it in the soil, but it’s there. Peat moss is now an endangering product because of the high demands for it and rapid harvesting. There are many people that are now boycotting this plant and associate products. They are endangering due to the very slow growth of peat moss compared to the rate that it’s being harvest at.

Peat moss grows in wetlands or northern bogs and has been a big part in their ecosystem. During the process of harvesting peat moss we are also destroying wetlands and disturbing their ecosystem. Moss plant is also beneficial to the environment because they capture and contain co2 from entering the atmosphere. However, when being harvest they will eventually decomposed and releases the co2 back in the atmosphere.

Thank goodness for Organic Valley! Organic Valley is 100% organic and does not use peat moss. Instead, it contains compost, which also has organic matter and nutrition. So now you can keep planting in your garden or at home without the worries of peat moss. We also have other organic soils available here and check the nearest garden center around you for our organic product!


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