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DIY Landscaping Tips: Create a Backyard Vegetable Garden

Aug 3

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Whether you have a large or small yard, a vegetable garden can spruce up any space while providing you and your family with fresh produce. With time, patience and a little work, you can create the perfect garden you won't mind tending year after year. Follow these five helpful landscaping tips to help you get started.

Choose the Right Place
Plants need the right amount of sunlight to grow, whether you are planting seeds or seedlings. Most plants need direct sunlight throughout the day, so depending on the layout of your trees or the house next door, choose a block of land that won't be affected. If you have a strangely shaped yard or space, don't give up on your gardening plans. Get creative with your planting so you can grow vegetables while creating a unique landscaping project that will be the talk of the town.

Check Soil Conditions

Check out the soil condition of your yard to ensure the plants will grow lush and full. If you have poor drainage, or poor types of soil (too much clay or sand), adjust your gardening plans. You may consider making a raised vegetable bed by using several 2-inch by 6-inch boards built into a rectangular box. Or you could blend some compost or cow manure to improve the soil structure.

Have the Right Equipment
If you are only planting a small garden, a shovel and garden trowel may be all you need. But larger gardens might require heavy equipment, such as tractors or dump trucks. Be careful when operating equipment in a yard, and consider having someone with experience do it for you. Always contact gas, water and electric companies to make sure there are no buried lines or pipes in the area where you plan to place your garden.

Plants Best for Your Garden
Depending on climate, some plants will grow better in your area than others. Make sure to ask for help while seed shopping or do research online before purchasing anything for your garden. Also, you want to provide your plants with plenty of nutrients and the best natural way to do this would be blending in soil amendments. When buying the amendments make sure it is right for your plants.

Fall in Love with Your Garden

Don't expect everything in your garden to grow right or at all the first season. Take your time, adjust soil conditions, and keep working at it until your garden begins to grow properly. With the right amount of time and effort, you will see results and have great tasting vegetables to use in all of your meals.

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