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Improve your lawn with Top Dress Compost

Sep 13

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Why top dress?

Top dressing is necessary for some lawns because of environmental damage, such as heat and drought, caused during the season. The best time to top dress your lawn is actually now! Autumn is a the best time to top dress your lawn because you want the materials to be thoroughly set in with your native soil and you want to be able to work with it before winter comes. Top dressing can be hard labor, but the results will be very rewarding.

How to top dress

Top dress usually contains compost material, which will have organic and natural materials blended into soil. Using compost will give more nutrients back to your lawn and it will continuously break down even after you have spread the compost.

Spread around ½-1 inch deep of compost onto the affected area and spread it with the flat end of your rake. Rake the spread compost and work it onto the top layer of your affected area and to make sure that the healthy grass can peak through the mixture. Go back to the back end of your rake and spread through evenly. It is best to leave the compost alone for a couple of days before going back to it and working with it again. This should help with reviving your lawn back for the upcoming Spring.

The top dress we carry is Pro Topdress Compost, which contains a blend of sawdust, straw, manure, and vegetable waste. This natural compost will help provide an abundant of nutrients to your lawn and the fine compost will also help with drainage.

Click the image to learn more about Pro Topdress Compost


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