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Fall Garden Clean Up

Sep 20

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9/20/2012 7:29 AM  RssIcon

It may seem a bit bizarre to think about spring already when fall hasn't even really arrived yet. However, there is some preparation you should be thinking about for the spring season already. In doing this preparation during the fall it will lessen the work you will have to do in the spring and gives you more time to focus on gardening.

 It is best to clean your garden after your last round of harvest. You want to take out any old plants and weed that may still be in your garden. Taking out all this yard waste will prepare your garden soil for the fresh compost layer that will go on top. It’s good to start with a couple layers of newspaper on top of your garden or soil area. Water the newspaper to help make the soil moist underneath and help break any yard scrap that was left in the soil.

Since its fall we should also have some disposable yard waste that we can use for our renewal process. So go ahead and add a layer of yard waste such as old leaves, branches, and twigs on top of newspaper. To optimize this process it is best to also use a layer of green waste such as vegetable scraps and grass clippings. To finalize this process adds another layer of shredded newspaper, yard waste, or mulch to your garden and you should be done!

Now your soil is ready for the winter and the spring! The yard and green waste we put down will eventually break down during the winter and become compost, which is a rich soil amendment for your garden. This process is good with suppressing weed seed and provides nutrient-rich soil for the spring. 


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