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Knowing When to Prepare Your Soil for Spring!

Mar 21

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As the weather starts to break away from the cold winter and sunlight starts peeking out from the sky we being to think “Spring.” It may still be chilly outside, but Spring is officially here! If you did not prepare your garden during the fall, we will teach you how to prepare your garden in the spring. Let’s begin with knowing your soil from our last blog post and then learning how to bring life back to your soil!

It's best to start with a clean garden area, so any dead leaves and other debris should be removed. You can do this even when the ground is frozen, so when the ground thaws you can go straight to the soil.

In some regions it still might be too cold and the ground is still probably frozen. If that is the case then I would wait until the ground warms up so the soil is easy to work with. Working in the soil too early can harm the soil structure for later in the planting season. The best time to work in the soil is when it’s a warm and dry spring day. The soil should not be frozen or hard and you are able to take the soil in your hands and feel it. Take in a handful of soil and squeeze it; this will determine if your soil is ready to be worked with. If your soil forms into a sticky soil ball than it probably has too much moisture and clay content in your soil. You may want to till in some compost or compost with manure to help give your soil more nutrient and to help break that down. This will help prepare your soil for when you are ready to garden. Compost and compost with manure both have tons of microorganisms to help you bring your soil back to life. 

Our favorite organic compost with manure is our Moo-Nure® ! It is an excellent natural soil fertilizer that will help improve your soil structure. It is safe and suitable for flower, vegetable, rose gardens and for trees. 

Here is a video that will visually show you all the different soil types. We hope this is helpful and informative: 

Click here for video source.

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